Review: Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health


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Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by William Davis
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January of 2012, I started on a fitness challenge through Gold’s Gym with the encouragement of my personal trainer. I was hesitate and felt that whatever I did, I wouldn’t stand a chance in the competition but it made sense to me to pay $20 and receive 3 extra training sessions for free. I joined and honestly gave it a shot. Figured if I had any chance what so ever I had to cut more nutritionally even though I already ate really ‘healthy’ the only thing I had left to cut was my wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown rice, very few processed food and my weekly ‘treat’. I figured that I could maintain this for three whole months, even though I’ve never been one to do a ‘diet’, I thought I’d at least give it a chance.

In that three month time I shed 22 lbs and 10 1/2 inches, and was so busy that my working out had even decreased, my main difference was my nutrition. I found that I felt better, my brain worked better, I had more energy, my stomach aches nearly vanished and I just overall felt better!!! What a surprise!

At the end of the challenge I went back to allowing myself a sandwich once a week and rice here and there, pasta I have never been super fond of so that kinda stayed away. The next month I only shed one pound and felt like crap the whole month! From that point on I made a oath with myself to only allow things into my body that make me feel good and to listen to my body on everything.


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At that point I became really dedicated and excited about what I was doing, I started researching and learning more and more and started up with “Real Food Only” type groups. I would occasionally hear oh you must have read “Wheat Belly” or that I should read it… I kept brushing it aside. Eventually I ended up finding the Paleo Lifestyle and realizing I was already there. I’ve been 100% dedicated since May of 2012, and at this point shed 75 lbs!!

This spring it came up on my availability list and I decided to go ahead and see what it said, boy was I amazed at the teachings this book holds! I was amazed that the things that I had already learned on my own. I was also grateful for a few things that I was in the middle of figuring out, different triggers that would take me down or affect me immensely whenever I gave into temptation. At this point, it’s rare when I give into temptation, but the adverse effects are immediate. One of the most fascinating points I found was the affect that wheat played on the mental state of our brains. As a woman, we all have those moments when and where we feel a bit crazy (thanks a lot hormones) but I feel it might be the moment that we stop thinking we might be crazy that we’ve officially crossed over and joined the crazy train. Sorry for my digressing. The point is that they tested patients with schizophrenia and very sensitive brains and how the reacted on days with wheat and days without. The study was astounding! I noticed in addition, my days that I ‘felt crazy’ were days that I had cheated… well if that’s not enough to cure you of the addiction?! 😐

A note from my progress points; “Ok, just finished Chapter 11 on Brain functions and Vertigo. It says that it’s un-reversible and that once the damage is done its done. I can’t believe this. The body is amazing at healing itself so is the power of belief. In the book it said that stopping the wheat will only prevent further damage, and not reverse itself like everything else. Reason in that alone says no! But, this is good to know! It makes sense”

Really this book was fascinating in the studies, the research, the science and everything to back it up. Maybe a few things were a little overboard, or maybe I’m just not there yet. However, I think this book holds an immense amount of truth and that we need to take a closer look. This was another book that I bought after finishing. Highly highly recommend! Save your own life and that of your body’s! Also start researching Paleo and Autoimmune reversals. I’m here to testify that your body really does start healing itself from the inside out when you give it the nutrition it needs and purge all of the toxic crap out of your life! Good luck! Follow my blog at

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(Actually Finished May 23rd 2013)

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