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Review: One For The Money

One For The Money
One For The Money by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just finished book 3 of the Stephanie Plum Series… I was hesitant at writing a review on this one at first simply because I didn’t know what to think. I liked the plot, story, heroine, all character sketches were great. What I didn’t like or expect was the extreme change of feel from Janet’s other books. Nonetheless I still liked it. I really like Stephanie I think she is funny. I was grateful to be able to move immediately on to the 2nd & 3rd books. I definitly enjoy the slower pace and the big picture story, and I love her characters. I have read most of her previous screwball romances… They were fun light hearted, encouraging and witty. Stephanie Plum has a VERY different feel about the whole thing! I thought it was just book 1, nope. I like it. I was surprise and disappointed by the additional swearing and details of certain things. Totally took me for a shock that its not as clean as all of her others. I like it, just not as much. I really like her character sketches and the flow as always. I enjoy that Janet has kept the screwball and funniness of her characters and story line. I just haven’t care for the new edge it has. I’m from Philly, I know Trenton isn’t an easy town… but I think there are a few details that could have gone without in this and the last book such as there was a mess on a her door once and a few other things…However, this movie is coming out this Friday I would love to go see it. Would anyone like to come with me? In the Greater Salt Lake area. 16 Jan 2012

Ok, I just saw the movie. Honestly I loved it! 🙂 I was glad to see that they took out the scene where the boxer/fighter guy (forgot his name) desecration her door. I was REALLY happy to see that unnecessary scene gone. Although they should have put something else that he had threatened her at home. That would have made a little more sense too when Morelli caught her later.. But overall I think they did a great job and reignited my Plum fire… I need to go to the library and get #4 since its not available on Overdrive… 🙂 17 June 2012

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